Nothing Personal


What Up Pimp dis THREATS! It's Threats PIMP! & I'm serious bout mine I'm so sincere! I'll CHOP u UP & put cha inside a MATTRES like DRUG $ NIGGA !

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: #FAIL”Dis Shit is getting outta control..

: If i was having sex I'd loose so many calories the life of a celibate ....”

: “: Nigga that ain't true I'm far from stubborn”

: Am I famous yet...?”

: That modafucka is still talking, can u please stfu sir”Show him dis -->

Just posted a Photo:

: Still free that bitch”

: Im hungryAf and they went to Mickey Dees Twice & didnt even bring a girl a burger. #Whomp

: Den let her start puttin good music out RT : “: #FreeRemyMa”Den What??”

: All I see is anal sex on my timeline #ShitJustGotReal

: your a lonely dumbass lil bastard aren't you??? i feel so bad for you -_-”

Bitch Obsessed wit Nikki Minaj & calls me lonley!!!

: maybe you can help me with a good work out”

I'm not really Mean! *Am I ?*

*Waits 4 2 Respond*

: The last thing I wanna do right now is cook :( Ay dos mio I really need a slave”