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RIHANNA STOLE MY MAN. Beyoncé's. TYPING IN CAPS MAKES ME FEEL MORE BLACK. Kendrick Lamar [greater than sign] ya fave rapper, rn. IG: LouskaBreezy

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i miss my hair like this :-( crap was expensive though ;-;

ugh @ me taking this Selfie just now and my mom's fat neck ruining it. LOLOLOL

The first article I did this year at school was about <33

My sister made me look like a freaking clown yesterday!! ._.

reason why i perm my hair. it's so nappy & dirty without it ;-;

Taking dumb photos, bruh.

"you b*tches in my DM but I never read 'em" Tyga was shading me in 500 sent this before King was born ):

No shade, but I was in my French workbook this drawing looks like !!!

Lou$ka iz smurt, Lou$ka iz kind...

I'm eating this girl out c(;

Aww shaaat, sookie sookie now.! & I Got a B on my French exam!

My wallpaper is just beautiful *_*

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A tangled mess and that's only the front :/

Has Twitter ever lied ?

goodness gracious, you are as close to perfect as they came(image wise). Sigh.

Guys look (;

My niece giving me Diana Ross teas. Ugh, love her hair

just gave me a fuckin "A" in class on my article on Unapologetic! ;D

Always give em a taste of their own medicine