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My Daddio clearly misses me because the offers are becoming more generous...

  • 676 days ago via site
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Oh y'know...just the planet collapsing beneath us no big deal. I should really take down my wine bottle collection

  • 699 days ago via site
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The last sentence is so true. I speak from experience & it's so annoying & I'll go another step and say offensive

  • 721 days ago via site
  • 37

Me trying to get off a Japanese train

  • 753 days ago via site
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It's so cold I'm pretty sure I just got my period in cubes

  • 766 days ago via site
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You are absolutely fucking kidding me right now... I am so over the world's existence

  • 775 days ago via site
  • 52

Son of a bitch. And it's only going to keep going down, too. I hate the world I hope it's destroyed violently

  • 812 days ago via site
  • 49

... give me a Fucking break. I'm more afraid of arrogant people that think along these lines.

  • 884 days ago via site
  • 39

One week from tomorrow! So glad it's a fairly short flight (after #SYD & #HKG) - this is nothing

  • 937 days ago via site
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Me while working on the Yakkan Shomei medication import form

  • 965 days ago via site
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make it rainnnnn

  • 989 days ago via site
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This made my day... and I agree 100%! Sarah Silverman is my Jewish spirit guide into the promise land

  • 1000 days ago via site
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I don't know why but this gave me quite a guffaw.

  • 1003 days ago via site
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one last night in Palladium... had to get a picture. Okay I'm done. Really ready to leave for the airport like now

  • 1147 days ago via site
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I will definitely miss the incoherent course codes. But seriously. #NewYork #Hipsters #MAproblems

  • 1153 days ago via site
  • 47

finals week in #Bobst ...not inaccurate

  • 1157 days ago via site
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FUDGE You, Bill! "Good Evening" my ass while I'm here making ugly pasta....FUCK your "good evening" ILOVEYOUSTILL

  • 1158 days ago via site
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#election donut! Getting a little fat before going out into the tundra

  • 1192 days ago via site
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This is what's replacing Blackboard (Thank God!) at my school. An academic Facebook? Mind is blown, again..

  • 1206 days ago via site
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Got caught in a Zombie parade...asked if I had pot...and then "dickslapped" by some dude. The latter is a quote

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