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Hey- just thought of a good question. What are these things for? What do they watch/do? Thanks! :)

You should totes get all your outerwear from that coupon mailer that comes in the mail.

Just finished putting up the labels for the new Staff Art Show !

Time to clean the Chihuly! It gets dusty up there, so it's cleaned once a year by staff.

"AT&T let's you live your life to the fullest"- thanks AT&T! Advertising like this makes me sick- all part of a full life!

Just left a blueberry wonderland. Blueberry Hill in Menomenie Wisconsin. 1st year u-pick &they are loaded w/ berries!

2 Mourning Dove fledglings in on my cucumber hills! They're cute, but I kinda gotta do some work over there.

W.T.F?!? How cam EMI take down someone's memory of a loved one? And why is it happening in my country?

I'm sure everyone has been doing this, but come on! #FreakinHot!

Highlight of boating: watching pair of Ospreys-1st male eating 1/2 fish and then bringing rest to female on eggs in nest.

Watching ep1 of the BBC series Life in blu-ray. So excited!

And now that I've already tweeted it, channel 11 news is here. ;)

Neighbor hit a gas line with his bobcat. Good times...

Ok, whew! This was a hard one to name! It is, The Cephalopods are still watching.

Wading through all my Hipstamatic shots from post brunch frozen river photowalk. More to come!

Just noticed my pajama ties have little friendly messages on them. Always listen to your pajamas, that's what I say!

And the gift orgy begins...

Poor with his empty bowl- vet said time to diet!

Hmmm, no storm windows can be a bit of a problem. Anyone have tips on how to get the snow out?

Uh-oh, this is me right now. Guess we forgot to buy a top. Dang component pieces!