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The Final new concept to P.S.K, re uploaded the full image. I personally think it's cool

  • 1623 days ago via site
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A concept of P.s.k (Pandora Soul Knight) i drew a few weeks ago, so....

  • 1623 days ago via site
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This is the Luminous Dragon Knight, I drew a long time ago, the armor has been updated now, time to get an artist to comment. Ignore the armor on left.

  • 1623 days ago via site
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This is a new concept to the Soul Guardian, the battle pet, his attacks are on the right. His new blade is also upgraded, each handle has its blade mode, so whichever handle is held, it transforms to it. The rage mode (one of the attacks) has the blades combined.
Attacks are shooting laser from mouth (helm), Fire tsunami, and rage mode which increases damage.

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This is the new and final look for Pandora soul Knight not all will scan it later

Here it is, please respond a fast as possible, there are three towers, each has a titan struggling on it, the adapted chains, to support them, hole in middle is where souls fall from to be devoured. ENJOY >:D

  • 1630 days ago via site
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Did the King of the Jungle in 10 minutes!! need your opinion....

  • 1633 days ago via site
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Did this 4 weeks ago (maybe 3) It's the soul guardian set. Pet, the new arm is on the bottom and side. Blade is same, held backwards.

  • 1651 days ago via site
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This is for you Re-uploaded for better quality. Dun't know why i did the Samurai concept...

  • 1651 days ago via site
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I drew this suit, named it Ace Pilot suit. Equipment for MQ.

  • 1651 days ago via site
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This is the new mech idea i drew, call it Lumimech (sound strange) I will upload skills next.
The shoulder are the back swords, front is fire, back is ice. Uses alot of chain attacks.

  • 1651 days ago via site
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These are Lumimech skills/abilities. Shoulder has same effects but different affections. Hope you understand picture on what i did, the numbers 1st, 2nd, 3rd show the movement from first to last.

  • 1651 days ago via site
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New this is for for his suit concept. ENJOY!

  • 1681 days ago via site
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The three handled blade, which ever handle you hold onto, the blade automatically turns to it. Flame is not animated.

  • 1684 days ago via site
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This is a new (battle) pet idea I came up with, it has no body, just hovering armor pieces, with a guardian soul inside(yeah, you know which guardian I mean) The new swords on it have three handles each, I will show it later and explain how it works.
The attacks include: Shooting an energy beam from the helm.
A simple double blade attack going downwards.
One blade attack(only one arm)

  • 1684 days ago via site
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Other new armor, really proud of it, Samurai(still need a name), P.s The Horns glow yellow.

  • 1688 days ago via site
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My new armor Sage male and female.

  • 1688 days ago via site
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WEAPONS!! AND NO MORE, there's a trident and two special daggers, enjoy.
Pole arm is called Electrical Pulse Trident
Top dagger Spinning Tap
Bottom dagger well no name yet.
All came from an inspiration of a loyal person.

  • 1694 days ago via site
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Helm for Luminous Dragon Knight. The new horn idea is pretty decent.

  • 1696 days ago via site
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