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Decided to remake my Evo LDK, didnt look so dragonlike so here it is...still working on other equipment for it

New sketch for my Samurai!

New!! The Evolved Luminous dragon Knight
Truth is, i've had this lockedup for a long while now, time to reveal

New name too this Evolution is The Legendary Lunar Draco Knight

"Lunar warriors were born and initiated in liberty to the Moon dragon...though thousands were slain and tormented for their rare valuable secrets....."

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Here's a better quality to my creation: The Dominus Cloud Berserker/Dominus Thunder Berserker

"Fear the thousand cries that echo in my wrath"

I posted earlier that he uses his fists in combat (Note the blankness in arms and legs is a bright glow)
In 5 hit combo he creates an energy blade and uses it in a 3 hit attack followed by kick-flip
By SlayR of Artix Entertainment

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Full Image of The Dull Cloud master/ Dominus Cloud Berserker

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My entry for the suggestion contest, I call it The Dull Cloud master

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Just to show what i thought of redesign to LDK

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Finally legs...Bored!

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Closer view of head, more to come

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Here you go, as i said, name is Dominion Cloud Warrior, Fully CC and the swords w/ wings and half ring thingy is cape

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Okay final shading and shines redone and complete, too many lines and too thin, i get it any more negative comments?

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Here's shading update, this is mainly to who said i needed work on the shading, and it is too thin i know, but ignore that..

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Drew this a few seconds ago, LDK "When in doubt, use it"

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Just a promo

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This is it, the new, upgraded, evolved, Luminous Dragon Knight!! ENJOY!! >:D

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Hope I'm not disturbing you with these, but this you wanted to see for a long time, it's colored now.

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These are new attacks to http://twitpic.com/87ofn7 the new name of mech is H.A.L : Pandora, hope you can understand what i meant here.

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Hey check it out, a cyborg.

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