Criss Macgregor-Ryan


Dazzled, doused in gin. Partial to a shot of adrenalin straight in the heart and lorne sausage.

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Fucking Slimer just turned up.

Sweet Zombie Immunitas!

Just had the chair dead man walking

Almost zombiefied!

My eyes for tonights Zomboid costume.

Demented immunitas pumpkin!

Halloween's starting!!!

I'm getting really broody...I want a dog!

This is Tito! Isn't he gorgeous!!

Its been doing this for cocking ages. #TalkTalkFail

Aaw #MailChimp got dressed up for Halloween!!

Pretty birdie after her manicure.

Here's my favourite Dick...

I have ghosts again. They said 'Valuable Cage Dirt' so em, yeah, good stuff, thanks #GhostRadar

Check me out I don't work in dark, windowless room anymore. No more S.A.D for me....

Yeah... Jackie...but how will we get to the Sofa...?

My contacts for Halloween!!

My contacts for Halloween

Ooo apparently there's ghosts in my room tonight. #GhostRadar

Here's but an example of how much has been dran tonight. Yet I'm awake. Everyone else is asleep