Hugged by Tom on the 03/08/2012:) #HiddlesArmy

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Seems legit;) #OnlyLoversLeftAlive

I'M SCREAMING!!!! #shirtlesshiddles

Sorry for not tweeting, but I was busy and now I'm on vacation in France (as you can see). #WillBeBackSoon!:)

That's so true^^ #Lol #HiddlestonersRULE

Hello guys:) How is you're day going so far?

#PicOfTheDay: HOLLY FUCK*_* (Sorry for the 'F' word) I think I just died and went straight to #HiddlesHeaven...

Good night you lovely people:) Thank you for an amazing day here on Twitter! Take care of Tom while I'm sleeping;)

How do you like your Tom? Beardless, with stubble or with beard? #HeLooksHotAllTheTimeThough

Looks like they are REALLY brothers;D #Bromance

I survived my surgery... I'll tweet again as soon as I'm back home:)

Tom would make a goof handmodel;)

Good night you beautiful people:) Do me a favour and take care of Hiddles while I'm sleeping;) #KissKiss

That's EXACTLY what'll happen if GayMarriage gets legalized! #ProGayMarriage #YouDontHaveToBeGayToStandUpForGayRights

Why the hell are you doing this to us Thomas??? #ReallyaNotCool

The view from my bed... Could be worse;) #HiddlesAutographOnTheWall #MyPrecious;)


The alarm is set for the '85th Annual Academy Awards':) #Oscars2013 Good night for now;)

It was nice to mees Lisa and () today:) We definitely have to meet again girls;)