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i kill u all while u still in awe of a dull blade

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Tryin to relax bout to be a hot summer

Studio lights so raw #beatsnrhymes

Studio time with legendary Bobby Lo. Eight joints in on the new album

Bumpin #different #deep appreciate the shout in the liners. Sick lyrics

Wonder what else he sells

Hazelnut expresso vodka smooth as hell

Some 80 proof korean wine

Gettin classy...pravda

Flav poured me a shot. Said its strong as shit. Its aiite

Flava flav here...pouring vodka

The vanilla is fused...not a bit synthetic tasting


This a coconut

Found the vodka arready

Welcome to bat country. Whatta fuck?

Dude singin white n nerdy. Aura perfected

Always choose the red (bad) soy sauce ,#vegas

Meanwhile back at the lab

Jak got art on deck yeah yeah

grey goose...guess what im thinkin

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