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Fashion Blogger - I don't have size zero and I'm not some fashion guru. But I do have a crush on fashion, let me rephrase, I have a huge crush on fashion.

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Wow. Dit was ooit die hysterisch huilende britney fan. who would have thought!

een braaf lakje voor de verzameling :) Morgen op de nagels!

Bij het WK deed ik al dit. What's next?

BAM. 3 week holiday booked. Yippy Yay.

Do you like my new profile look? #feedback

NIKE #neworanje111 #ave #allenvooreen My mugshot for the #ave crew. What do you think?

Funny. Strolling down Tumblr, confrontation with myself

Damn. Het schrijven van mijn trend wil altijd uit de hand lopen... #shopgedraginhouden

Try this at home. #nailpolish #beauty

Definitely gonna try this. Yes mam.

Sometimes you miss unremarkable and unique things in life. #oldcollection

Teach me how. #beauty

Can't wait for June to come.... #waitinglist

My eyes are big and my heart is bouncing like crazy. I am getting myself this rope. #awesome

RT : Onze trendwatcher heeft zichzelf weer overtroffen. Bekijk hier de Androgynous trend! #trendreport

Instant happiness. #looktocopy

Role camera and action!!!

Don't call it perfection. Call it an experiment. #nails

Don't call it perfection. Call it an experiment. #nails

Yay. Next step: 3D piece. #jeanprouve