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Life is short. Wear stilettos! Fun-loving, Heel-Wearing, Animal Activist, Southern Belle! Founder of Petey's Promise, Love Tailgates & Tanlines

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Hysterical! Stole this from wall!!

Oh my!!!! Marky Mark is still HOT!!

Love me some NC!!!!

Tuesday Motto:

Good AM laugh on behalf of 's & my friend Jay! #Kohlsdoeswhat

Trying to reduce the swelling in the quickly inflating walruses that used to be my legs

2 dogs (not shown Petey & Cowboy of ) 1son...all crammed together! & peeps wonder why I don't sleep well!

Math 24 with Chase!!! This is Chase table!! Mommy is nervous & so is Christy Eaton - But we look good! :-)

Math 24 parental excitement!! #mat24

Too funny for words!

Dude does Not get paid enough!

Well this has to be a good sign!

Just shimmied through this small crack in gate to get to my car! Totally fit! #proudmoment

No joke! According to #WSOCTV it's gonna be a high of 8° on Monday?! Maybe a proofreading job is soon 2 come #JustSayin


So hysterical yet true! Stolen from Lis who never cuts me slack! :-)

Chase never in a hurry! #USTA

Chase's Dad much calmer than me! Close match!

Chase doubles match in rain!

Favorite pic of Sara & I from event!