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My yummy white Choc cheesecake...Family hit tonight!

My dad is a legend for a) fixing my road bike (yay!) b) chilling round the house dressed like this ... #xmasonesie

Finally the postman pulled through for me.... Now I just need to find a nice man to fix it all for me

Why the hell did I let on to the family about my ability to wrap presents....might to start charging by the hour!

Annnd the reason why I was so worried....wipeout!

Some great pics from The face of worry....

Just knocked up some cheeky Jam Doughnut Muffins #yummy

Just knocked up some Jam Doughnuts Muffins because I'm bored #D-licious

O freezer bags please keep my feet warm for this ride!

So tonight ill be mainly looking like this but blurring slightly as the night goes on

Since when the chuff did a beloved twix quarter in size, going to have to have 2 now #robbery

One look out the window....annnd back to bed #dontdosnow

Always saw myself as a Starbucks girl, but Cafe Nero just rocked my world #moralefood

Go on and our mahussive pizzzzzzas!!!!

Can't believe my mum doesn't want us to have matching white Punto any more...she gets this instead

look at the cat we found #stealingit

Ooo yeah new trainers!! Shame I have to give them to santa to wrap up

Loving this card, now who deserves this...

New bag of Canterbury swag courtesy of Team Northumbria. Merci!

I couldn't agree more

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