'Rising/Like A Hydra/ From the Ashes' - #Otep / This ginger #Brogue kicks it & doesn't care what anyone thinks!

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look who I ran into at the store today! Its a good omen. #GoodLuck #WM29 #CelticViperShow

my new shorter fierce 'do inspired by the #apexpredator. Time to #crush

Kaitlyn, Bellas, Alicia Fox, Ryderthis is how I feel seeing U try to wrestle or do a promo.

check out the haircut my friend is gonna do for me. #springreawakening #seduceanddestroy

Fiona has this face when we watch ur show! She loves ya!

when U, Orton & Show hand The Shield their beating at WM-this magnet shows how they shld be..

Happy St Sheamus Day! Got my official green! #StSheamus Patron Saint of #BrogueKicks #StPatricksDay

Happy St. Pats Day! Got my green! #StSheamusDay Patron Saint of #BrogueKicks

Look who's rocking at work with me! #TakeURTribeMother2Work #RiotDestroy

my nefew showing he's a #Lassie fan & proud #PsychO LOL The official Psych colors! :)

I found the perfect hat for u! #CougarInCharge Wld U like one?

Evan doing his #BdayBrogue to honor you! He's been practicing very hard! Ya like?

my nefew doing his #Brogue pose for his bday! He's a #Hooligan!

Check out my nefew doing his best #Brogue pose for his bday! He was a happy #Fella today and had to show you!

Hey Vickie-I found a perfect hat for the #gorgeouscougar! Wld u like me 2 send U one?

Here's a St Pattys Day outfit U Need Fella! LOL

Check out my St.Patty's/Wrestlemania shirt, #Fella! Gonna be a #Hooligan loud & proud!

Little Fiona trying to make sense of an empty toilet paper bag. LOL

My kitty is a #Psycho as well! Watching the #PsychSlumberParty with me

got my bag packed for hospital stay after surgery. Ur coming with me to help me recuperate #Fella !