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Melbourne educator who loves life!. All tweets are my own as I tried to give them away and nobody claimed them off eBay.

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Red chalkboard wall - only first coat but super cool - resisting urge to paint whole house in chalkboard paint

she is awesome!

all amazing redheads have to be called Kim or else they are just not awesome #truth

this was my first one. I find it rather cathartic

here I made a bulldogs one for a friend

Not long now!!!

saw this and thought of you! <3

7 and a half days to go!!! My second last lonely Sunday night

Four years now since I took the plunge and said no more to being that unhealthy. Cannot say I have ever looked back

Today's countdown

Also this is too far away!

Made a countdown app slideshow till he gets back home

hey does this count for #caturday ??

these two keep me in enough trouble lol

Finished off with awesome spring rolls and a show bag! Winning night #mfwf

Yum enjoying pho #mfwf

Learning about the history of phó at from Vice President of sunshine business association #mfwf

Damn you Cadbury why did you invent this??

cat perving on me in the bath this morning #caturday

django kitty reporting for #caturday