Love F1/Especially Jenson Button/Jessica Michibata/I went Spain and Monaco GP last year.Love nail art.Love my cat!x F1スキ/ジェンソン・バトン/モータースポーツ/ネイル♪

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Today's look;-)Now heading to aquarium!!Can't wait;)))))

I got this shirt looks like Olivia and Jessica!!パレルモにもはせじゅんにも振れるシャツGET♪インしたらパレルモ、サラッと着たらはせじゅん+.゚(*´∀`)b゚+.゚

Im at a cafe in the garden;-)))Am I Marie Antoinette!?!?lol 家のすぐ近くに素敵カフェ!気分はマリーアントワネット(〃▽〃)

I got this soap dish today;-)))Loving this!xx 今日ずっと欲しかったコレGET♪日常に潤いを+.゚(*´∀`)b゚+.゚



I catch a beautiful rainbow!!;-)))lala

I was at nail salon yesterday and at my younger brother's hair salon today!!It was beauty weekend;-))

Today is my man's birthday party;-))))The main dish is MY Roast beef!!!He loves this!!Happy birthday my love!!!xoxo

2day's look.My fashion icon is Olivia Palermo!This pic isn't so much close w/her,but I like her sense!x今日の私服←定番化を狙っている笑


Today's coordinate;-))))Autumn has coming!!今日のコーディネート♪←どこぞのモデルさんのブログ気取り。笑

My man went fishing yesterday,and got a lot of fishes!So,today's dinner is Carpaccio,Sashimi,and so on...

GODIVA's chocolate cookie!!!Having with some coffee.Its very sweet time!xx

Wow!New Tory Burch shoes from my best friend!!Its from Hawaii;-))))Thank youuuuu!!新しいトリーバーチいえい♪

私、F1速報日本GP号に登場!ずっと買ってたから嬉しいー!しかもジェンソン優勝号!今年の鈴鹿はいいことばっかり(〃▽〃)めっちゃいい思い出になったー♪何冊買おっかな。笑 発見してくれてありがとう!(^^)

Finally,I appeared in THE magazine!This is Japanese F1 magazine!In addition Jenson and I are in same page!!Wow!!


Ready for you Jenson!!Good luck man!!

This is the best view at Suzuka circuit;-) Are you ready for the race?xo

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