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2 of a kind

I might just go on the Twinkie diet

I have a coworker who looks just like this

My favorite powder

Lickity !

But my look is more like this

Sometimes I just give em the look

I thought of when I saw this grrrrr

This is one of my favorite snacks

hey buddy found an old pic of u

Some people think I look like this guy but I don't see it

I'm pretty sure this can be done all over the world

I speak minion

It all boils down to this

Found an old pick of my pal KB

If my underoos don't fit perfect I can't function

Gas anyone ever seen a sun bear it has a tongue made for a Saturday night

Favorite insect Cockchafer - Also known as "your sister," this is a beetle

Me and Justin Timberlake could b related #twins

Behind the bell mmmm

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