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Is that Jim McDonald from Fair City to your left Padraic? #WhatAboutYouThereLiz

Here's with his suitcase so you'll know him when he arrives at #Sydney airport on Tues evening

All over that. I've been practicing with ny friends on the #QT though

G'day looking forward to the new arrival in the Bay, your Braxton Irish cousin

Any chance you could wish #Sniffer well in his recovery. He got ur beats for Christmas

Great to see 2 #Leinster greats in AIB today #CrashBall. Good luck Sunday lads

Lads solve an argument for us. Who's a better centre??

Honeybadgers xmas party/12 pubs Sat 15th in McSorley 3pm. U wont get in wearing that t-shirt

Well played Sunday Dan. What's the secret to not knocking on d ball? can't grasp it #BadHands

Any words of encouragement for fellow #Mayo man who's confidence took a knock at 2nite #Badgers

Were you at a fancy dress Mick or was it a dare to wear that top? #CallTheFashionPolice

Will give his 1,000 tweet to his good friend and wish him a happy birthday...

Will give his 1,000 tweet to his good friend to wish him a happy birthday...

What do you make of #Halloween costume? He's going as #BigJimMc. Tribute 2 ur good self

Dont mind ur sleeping tablets,ye boys ever eat a HalfPounder after games 2 go asleep? #ManVFood

What would u eat after games buddy? Ever eat a #HalfPounder? Cant beat d #RecessionBusterTues.

I know a man who can sort you out! is a rep for #Aasics and #Adidas. Just PM him buddy

#Honeybadgers jersey is similar to the #Leinster one. Turn up Tuesday J and we'll get u 1

Who do i talk to about getting a trial? Revelation at first centre #CraahBall #MakesYards

I doubt you're as sore as the lad ran through tonight #CrashBall #DancingFeet

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