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I'm a really big piece of shit.

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Some random gay guy added me on Kik. This is as far as our conversation got.

Giving my cell number to my boss was obviously a stupid idea. Fuck.

I was going to go out tonight but my friend is an alcoholic gambler. I'm in green.

The cleaning lady is flaunting her high-cut jeans again.

The cleaning lady's cart. High speed, cuts corners like a Mazzerati. Can hold up to 3 brooms and 4 spray bottles.






I work with some funny jokers. I'm going to set this place on fire:

This truck in front of me is everything I've ever wanted on a vehicle. Horses running in a sunset.

Does anyone know what kind of batteries my tv remote takes? AA? AAA? D cell? Thanks

Another bright and sunny day on the East Coast of Canada.

I'm ready for the apocalypse.

I think I like Bill Gates all of a sudden. In 1985, his workforce consisted of only men, to which he said this:

I'm marrying this girl and you're all invited.

I just took the coolest picture. My friend punched a house of beer cans:

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