Interested party.Protected by angels.Waving not drowning.Shat on by Tories.Shoveled up by Labour Photography politics humour.Sometimes sweary ; ))

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11% and numerous back handers for this clown and his friends 0% for nurses ? #VoteTory #Con14

This clown's a senior member of the Government that's taking us to war #VoteLibLabCon

looking good on Sundays march Peter #ClimateLdn

Sunday in Whitehall #ClimateLdn

Meanwhile in Whitehall on Sunday #ClimateLdn

Meanwhile on a sunny day in London

Meanwhile in London

These are the people celebrating today they won Again we lost Again #indyref

This lying shitpile won,HE WON thanks Scotland #indyref

To get rid of this grinning liar and the rest of em #VoteYes

#indyref #VoteYes

He says trust me vote no ask yourself why ? #VoteYes

They all say vote no,ask yourself why ? #VoteYes

Melons growing in the garden

Photo from Saturdays march #march4NHS

and this happened Saturday as well ;) #march4NHS