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This pic I found online still makes me lol. Squirrels are so cute!

Idk which 1 u wanted, so I got u 3 of em! :)

I am RIDICULOUS when it comes to going to the gym w/Apple products. Lol

It's so funny to me that they like to sleep on top of the couch. #LoveMyDoggies :)

My lighting is bad right now, but here's a pic I found online.

Was trying to get my friend to meet me at the gym. Lol #GymFlirting

I always feel like a child w/no dexterity whn I try & put these socks/shoes on.

Just like a man. Not trying to give up the remote. Lol

the gym? That I can do. The miniskirts & heels are outside in the cold waiting in line.

#SoCute! I've got 2 Bichon Frisé's but I want a yorkie next. :)

#SoCute her smart car is a wind up toy. :)

I love this lil guy! :)

I ♡ these guys! :)

Argh! Wish this came in my size! :(

This is a screenshot of my home page. I like how Lily seems to be poking out right above my icons.

Black Cherry Chutney by . Along w/my disco ball accent nail. Love #NailPolish

Thx to I got free mochi ice cream! :)

Ppl walking down the street w/a HUGE stuffed moose AMUSES me to NO end! #LoveIt

I like to call em "foot gloves". :)

#SoCute!!!!! My loves! :)