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Full boxed edition of MS Office 4.3 on 31 floppy disks from 1994.

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Home. Caked in mud. Eating warm cake and jam in the sun, then clean bike. [happiness]

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It's full of stars. Well, actually, people but it is way dark and way cool.

  • 2412 days ago via api
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All the fun of the fair.

  • 2426 days ago via api
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So fast they are warping space.

  • 2446 days ago via api
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Sat in the sun writing the first draft of this weeks short story. Lovely. #fridayflash

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Doesn't look as good as it is to ride. Deep gully into three sharp S bends with unstable ground.

  • 2460 days ago via api
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We interrupt normal broadcasts to say, pirates, wenches and live music. Sweet.

  • 2461 days ago via api
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Live music on a Thurs evening, with beer and friends. 'Break From The Old Routine'

  • 2463 days ago via api
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Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is jamming.

  • 2466 days ago via api
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No underwear or socks! Time to check the other rooms to see where I've left the clean piles.

  • 2475 days ago via api
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Now that's a lot of meat on one plate. Certainly no need for breakfast the next morning.

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Man destroy! Took an old HD apart so I could find out what was inside. Platters were surprisingly hard and brittle.

  • 2478 days ago via api
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Up early this morning to pick the first bowl of blackberries. Probably freezing until the apples are ready.

  • 2482 days ago via api
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Launch party is burning it up with scar. Lovin it.

  • 2490 days ago via api
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All those who asked about quiting [sic] see the top entry. Also see what we did with team names when Rich was away:

  • 2496 days ago via api
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More hacking done and some fire. Off to find out what's been cooked for dinner and have some wine. [happy]

  • 2510 days ago via api
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Another tree cut back: I've recovered more garden! Bits of me hurt now. Strength ebbing. :}

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Friends caught in a downpour at the park. I got loads of blogs written while it was sunny and three punctures.

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The coffin. We had to wait until it was dark before opened it.

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