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Reduced to… tears?

at Tesco.

I don't have a #Lumia but I would like to see on so #2InstaWithLove

3 hour delay on our flight home! Forgiven, as your $9 voucher bought us two tubs of :)

Heart's pounding after high knees x3. Much pain, some gain. #TeamAcey Still failing pressups, 4/9 reps "perfect".

Ta muchly. Have a great weekend. Playing this one for you...

Love this tune. Perfect Colorado cruising track. #ForzaHorizon Inspired playlist.

Stupid mistake! Backed out of lobby trying to select a DLC car I don't have. Oops. #gamewithTurn10

haha, sadly not far behind you sir. I think it's more the scale of the task vs the xbox addiction.

Latest fitness test. It appears my January distractions have taken a toll. :( #TeamAcey Nike+ Kinect

Finished my 2nd Nike+ Kinect program so back at the start of a 4 week program for ' #TeamAcey

HTC Titan III ? On the December survey. The 8X "flagship" isn't listed?

This is not just any , this is a #hitman. cc

I thought my push-up skills were above average but Nike+ Kinect Training disagrees.

Proof they know nobody unlocks Seriously while playing for fun. Awesome games with some dire achievements.

I was able to "share" from the Windows Phone app but not yet from the Kinect game.

No giraffe? :( Think I might have to order this one though...

I would have bought these but I don't do playstation. for life. :P

Quality. Saw this one in Reading and it made me chuckle.

Has it really been 9 years already?

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