Steven Schapansky


One of the Three Who Rule, hosts of the Doctor Who podcast Radio Free Skaro. I also like hockey, LEGO, drums, and drums made of LEGO.

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There. See?

Little known fact: the women of Canada are, on average, a foot taller than men:

Cool. Doctor Who ad on the YouTube home page:

I think the lamps are massing to plan an attack:

I feel quite naked without my rings on.

I like it when they leave the lights on in the pool. Lots of films I've seen have this and they always end well:

"There are two seasons: winter and construction season." - surely that phrase originated in Edmonton.

Be warned: Pier 1 Imports sells thermal detonators:

And here's how it would look if Ke$ha, a mailman, and the Duchess of Cambridge dropped by for a visit:

Here's a LEGO model of me in my living room, 100% accurate and to scale:

For those who are entertained by such things, here's my LEGO model of my new home I built for planning purposes:

This is the 3-D picture that will feature in said bathroom:

Here's my hastily built apartment model I did last night. Now to furnish it!:

Scratch the Union Jack table - I need a dining table to go with four of these beauties:

Which would feature this awesome couch as the centerpiece:

This would go in the same room as the chair:

I think I dig this chair. What say you, Twitter?

First purchase for the potential new home. This baby's going in the bathroom:

Got me a first run print of the first Star Wars novelization today!:

Sonic screwdriver tattoo that a friend of mine just got done: