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RAISIN' GRADES.#spanish #postcard

Go away...#creepycat

I'm making candy people. this is LITERALLY how bored I am.

Article in Seventeen Magazine! #findlauren

My balloons! :)

I have to get ALL this in me.

Walking out of my way to step on the leaves again! #yayayay

Good daaaay!

Look at what my mom got me...

another traffic jam...

Welcome back, fuckers.

My aunt brought this to me, but I really don't know what the hell it is.

what the hell?

Ok you're cute and all..but get off my laptop. IM TRYING TO WATCH AWKWARD.

My aunt is a saint.

Sure,just lay all over my papers. Not like I worked on it all summer.


She's stuuuupid.

My kittens are cuter than yours.

Is it me, or does she sleep like she's dead...