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Co Chair of BARAC & National Black Members Officer for @UKRespectParty Retweets not endorsements.

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To the climate change skeptics, the modern equivalent of the flat earth society, a message...

  • 217 days ago via site
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Bankers and Students: A picture paints a thousand words #ToryBritain

  • 221 days ago via site
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#RosaParks 4th February 1913 #RestInPower

There were other black people on the bus that day who remained seated.

  • 224 days ago via site
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To those who are weakly enthralled by 'bad boy' criminality and gangsterism. Here is a real gangster someone who fought the real fight. Happy Birthday #RosaParks born on 4th February 1913. #RestInPower

  • 224 days ago via site
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Meeting ob Deaths In Custody: How much injustice can the black community take? Share & RT #MarkDuggan #Stop&Search

  • 229 days ago via site
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A picture speaks a thousand words.

  • 249 days ago via site
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Democracy and Politicians: Where did it all go wrong?

  • 257 days ago via site
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Lets remember the real meaning of Jesus Christ at Christmas. Another world is possible.

  • 265 days ago via site
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White liberals: A message from Dr Martin Luther King and still very much a problem today.

  • 280 days ago via site
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The rack hypocrisy of the Tories #NelsonMandela

  • 280 days ago via site
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Viva #NelsonMandela
Viva #FidelCastro
Viva #Cuba
Viva #Anglola
Viva #SamoraMachel http://bit.ly/1fcGCqy

  • 281 days ago via site
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#NelsonMandela arose not as a exceptional individual but as part of a disciplined revolutionary movement.

  • 284 days ago via site
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PM David Cameron as a leader of the Young Conservatives wanted #NelsonMandela dead remember that #RIPNelsonMandela

  • 284 days ago via site
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I will be speaking at the Candlelight Vigil for Leon Briggs Weds 4th December 7pm Luton #Justice4LeonBriggs

  • 287 days ago via site
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#BorisJohnson is right. Equality isn't possible under crony capitalism and the old boys network.

  • 291 days ago via site
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In UK all people suspected of being ' illegal" immigrants will be forced to carry their passports.

  • 300 days ago via site
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Oppose the Immigration Bill follow No Blacks Nod Dogs No Irish. RT

  • 300 days ago via site
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No Blacks No Dog No Irish. The signs are gone but the racism remains.

  • 300 days ago via site
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Political Correctness: A definition....

  • 302 days ago via site
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Lib Dem parliamentary candidate calls for niqab ban | Islamophobia Watch http://www.islamophobiawatch.co.uk/lib-dem-parliamentary-candidate-calls-for-niqab-ban/

  • 302 days ago via site
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