Living to know God, dying to make Him known.

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lol here.

"Preach the Gospel to the ends of the earth." This has got to be in the ballpark right? Send me.

Why I pray before AND after I eat. Can I get an AMEN? Thank ya!!!

Glad to have sown seeds and shared about the Person, work, and love of Jesus. Pray people get plugged into solid churches.

Enjoyed my time with
Franklin Graham is preaching a solid Gospel mssg! Tons of peeps hearing.

Encouraged here at the Legacy conference. Great teachers, family, friends, and people gathered around the person and work of Jesus.

My man just hooked me up with Kellers audio. See now that's community. #csu09ccc

Had lunch with . (Driscoll) One of my most cherished and challenging tour moments.

116 and Mark Hall (Casting Crowns)
Pray for the ministry taking place in Washington today.

Saw this in a Candy store and was reminded of how patient God is with us.

Pray for my fam here in SD tonight I got memories here. I first heard about Jesus here amongs other things. Lol.

Hours of encouragement with Dr. James White (). We were so moved at the truth of God!

Great day off. Sitting on the bus watching James White debates.

Downtime before the San Antonio show tonight. We rarely get to just hang it's usally a grind.

How I spend my tour breaks. This is woooorship!!!

Does taking your family to the zoo and walking around it for 2 hours count as cardio? Cause this guy is trying to kill me.

Filling up in Baton Rouge. Snuck a pic in from backstage. Pray for the hearts of those here. Jesus use feeble men to magnify you.!

Playin with and DJ Official on the beats. Sounding Hot!!!