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Helping Mom with the laundry. #innocentcat

Zzzzzzzz... #innocentcat

On one of his favorite chairs; my desk chair. #innocentcat

That pavement they just tore up? Yeah, they're already patching...

More heavy equipment outside.

Pavement shredding occurring outside my apartment. Kitty is skeered!

Went out for an iced coffee. (I was #68, for those keeping track.)

Gonna be a bumper crop for Kirtley Vinyards this year (assuming we can keep the darned squirrels away!).

Cats are solar powered.

Snoozing within scritching distance. I think I've got another momma's boy on my hands. :) #innocentcat

So. Apparently *someone* was unhappy being left alone on Mother's Day. And no, it wasn't mother. #innocentcat

<3 Hugs to his Mom today. #MIT

Snoozing in the sun. #innocentcat

Signs of Spring at the Kirtley Vineyard...

He likes to sit like this; front on the sill, backside on the desk, middle over the gap

Momma found the window to Spring for Miles!

My new buddy, Charlotte.

Birthday boy! Can't believe he's old enough to vote!

Asleep on the pillow. One of his more comfortable looking poses...

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