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and casting the first game of the day here at #MLG Dallas.

The control station for League of Legends #mlg #dallas

As promised, NA Riot Graves code. #IPL5

Congratulations to World Elite on winning #IPL5 -- Final Scoreboard attached.

Scoreboard from TPA vs Curse #IPL5

Nyjacky after Game 1 vs TPA #IPL5

CLG NA in team select against Curse EU #IPL5

Curse EU before their match with CLG NA #IPL5

CLG EU playing a ranked game to warm up. #IPL5

Game 2 between Curse and TD about to start. #IPL5

just for you!

More spectators than yesterday but its not packed. Sorry for bad quality. #IPL5

Curse vs Team Dynamic #IPL5

Curse getting ready to play vs TD #IPL5

TSM trying to hold off CLG EU. #IPL5

SGS right before the nexus is taken down by TSM #IPL5

TSM Dyrus #IPL5

Oddone and Chaox are making all the calls this game vs SGS. Regi has stayed pretty quiet. #IPL5

Oddone and Chaoz are making all the calls. I haven't heard Regi make any this match. #IPL5

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