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LoKate: Photographer. They call me a fancy narcoleptic gypsy. Still addicted to sunshine, unicorns, BBQ pop chips, Harry Potter, & hypothetical situations.

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Anyone interested in rescuing a free kitten?

Gindi babes ✌

Woke up covered in Polaroids and feathers. Twas a good birthday masquerade... Round 2 tonight!

Beyond excited to be seeing a screener of ON THE ROAD!!

Eating carrots with the Oxyclean guy and a gypsy just stole Bernard from me #Halloween

Living room is now my own personal theater.

The hills are on fire! How is EVERYTHING not spontaneously combusting? #100DegreesOfHELL

Hopped over to Fashion's night out after work!

This was on Jane by Design (may it RIP)

Happy Birthday to the best (and most handsome) friend a girl could ever ask for. Love you

The person I'm with just shouted to this mannequin thinking it was me....

What I did last night, want to come next time? Gatsby dress required.

NBD just watching YouTube dance videos & eating hummus

Drinking black coffee because I'm fancy like that. Birthday brunch!

This is happening right now

Sat down to start my new book and my idol, Jack Bauer, walked by in front of me. Could today be any better?

Watching this kid "walk" around like a drunken sailor. To be fair he's only 10 months old.

Everyone please read this Netflix movie description:

LOVED wearing your dress for the Promo Shoot! ❤

Wrapped! Finished my hw on set. Said whaddup to this yak. Time for a mini road trip!! #mondayfunday