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I dance like no one is watching; unfortunately, someone always is.

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DG trumping the competition, #DG #bitemetads


Teddy has soo changed since he got into gw

Alton tree burning!

Best pt of break,these baby photos. Like this one of my sis seeing me 4 the 1st time in the hospital

My masterpiece

View from my favorite place in Alton, riverview park

White christmas,

Kinnneeyyy #formalll

Never too late for four loko #rashins #savedupbeforetheywereillegal


Come play with dogs in u yard. if this little munchkin ends up in south hall, sorry roomies

A front seat for the physical madness that is #starbucks #claustrophobia

Capitol tree lighting! #tistheseason #fingersaresocold

My favorite place

Happy to get to hang with some wonderful WWII veterans today, we've heard some amazing stories #dg

I'm after you ellen. #imalionshesazebra


Kitty pumpkin #obsessed

Sorry for voting for you smellen #tribehasSPOKEN

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