Work in Higher Ed. Amateur Cake Decorator. Braves & (esp.) Martin Prado are tops. Wearer of big sunglasses. Always on the go & always listening to John Mayer.

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 New pair of cups:

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A gorgeous, sunny, leave the doors open, 70s degree day in the South - nevermind another storm & floodwatch is OTW.

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My rainy Saturday transformation. Craftin' projects are messy. One of these days I'll paint my "studio."

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Orders going out this afternoon!  

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I think I'm becoming a pro at cutting out and layering the Braves logo. It was so difficult for me 6 months ago!

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Late night at Five Star but say hello to my new Nissan Rogue. I plan to have her a good 8 years like my Matrix.

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Happy Valentine's , drawn for the Upton his/her mugs & Traci Ellis (not on Twitter), monogrammed cups.

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Fortunate  is tolerant toy workaholic tendencies. Sneak peak of my new favorite project for my Etsy portfolio.

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I never go to Kmart but when I do I always find surprises. DARK choc covered cherries (HARD to find) & MLB Valentines!

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My sofa is always covered in blankets and dogs.

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In memory of the best butt in a Braves uniform. Sadly there won't be one last time to see #14. #NoClosure  

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I need someone in South Ga to ship me a few cases of #PibbZero. Why does not distribute these everywhere?

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I'm building my 1st Etsy shop! My fave creation is my Braves wine glasses. Braves ladies should I make more to sell?!

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I need a power nap before dinner!  and I got up at 4:30 AM to run for chocolate. It was such a fun time too.

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I think my eyes were bigger then my stomach.  

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My friend's baby LOVES to ham & cheese for a camera. His sweet 5 yr old brother bought me a Braves cup for Christmas.

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Not feeling vacation ending. Late registration will be nuts. Thanks to  candy will supplement no lunch break.

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Happy New Year from Georgia and me in Tennessee this year!

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I just put on layers & dressed Georgia in her pink fleece to go out. She's not been ALL day & refuses still.

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Georgia loves babies and is so gentle!

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