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Nan's pie. Meal of champions.

Ooh, I just got a VERY exciting box from WBTV - scarily tempted by the jelly rat...

Perfection on a plate, right there. #lauralovespudding

And again!

View from the top of the eiffel tower

The Seine from the Eiffel tower

Getting my Blair Waldorf on with some macarons

Okay, never leaving Paris, this is the view from my hotel room :|

As good as it gets :/

I hear that this is some manner of triumphant arch, needs more triumph.

Total gossip girl moment, where's my chuck bass?

Amazing how different it can look just a few miles out of London! Winter wonderland!

Her Majesty in the hizzouse - someone alert

Momma was definitely getting her Liam Neeson swoon on. #Narnia

Whole cast minus BB, Anna Popplewell's dress is gorgeous

Part of the lovely cast - Ben Barnes had to run off to do his play!

Getting a total Brandon Routh vibe. So gorgeous.

I'm indoors in the warm, but a pic of yummy Ben Barnes from the feed inside.

Mitovich says you can't see the curls in the other one, I think I'm going to hunt him down.

Not as terrible as I thought it'd be, though the iPhone doesn't do my shoes justice!