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Unexpected Item in Bagging Area

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Belated Birthday present from my cousin. A bottle of Goat Shagger #howverydarehe

I took a picture of my pocket last night #apparently

I officially 'love' today

look at me...

I do so like when friends come to stay and bring things like this. They didn't have to. Visiting is enough

There's a nedgehog

So so lucky that CNICS Rob (works Glasto festival, etc) lives in t'village. There's one amazing sound guy


Would have been better if I'd actually included the photo

Just had the fright of my life walking into this toilet. You can pee and wash at the same time!

Foot, meet bog #itstinks #thebognotmyfoot

Had my first dip of the year yesterday

Abandoned flip, or is it a flop?

Coo-eee! #onthebeachtweet

you want this one to stay?

The attack happened up 'there'. I'm about to go back up, with a paint brush

Opening my special Birthday Port. Is it a good one? #Otima10


How long are basses?!!! #notacluehowtoplayit

Courtesy of / Avalon , Limited Edition 'Pub Landlord' cufflinks for our charity auction. Thanks Al :)