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Unexpected Item in Bagging Area

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I slid down this handrail earlier, and I'm going to do it again #upyourshealthandsafetyatworkact

Phew! Order restored #standdown


tap tap fucking tap - spot on! Just about to start finishing

I would've turned up like so.... (What would I have won?)

Bit hard to make out, but I wonder if has a dirty finger?

Never been to Starbucks. Sheltered life perhaps? Or maybe because I can make much better coffee?

Please note: not all dog owners are crazy, and not all dress their dogs up. just for the sake of documentary balance

Just an hour until The Atlantics rockabillyup Whitwell, all the way from Devon!

Step 3-4-5 #igotboredtakingpictures

Step 2

Step 1

What I learned at work today: this was not a whiteboard marker pen :o

What I learned at work today: This is not a whiteboard marker pen :o

Hey Devastatin' Dave... You've moved on from this then? #zipzaprap

Not long until my 2nd Stone carving course at planning to emulate Father-in-Law's grotesque (north turret)

good times! Fancy a knees up round ours soon?

My Flea now looks all purrrrdee