Anakin Skywalker


Never let your speaking the truth follow with an apology. that would be a lie.

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What in really looking at when im on my phone in the gym

I feel ya on this one N.O.R.E.

Me: I think im finally gonna go on a date this month.

My boys:

Google play what in my music history would tell you I want to listen to Celine Dion? a Panthers bar...reppin my Seahawks tho lol

Got buzzed and attempted to party, made it home safely &; know its about that time

Cause even though the birds ain't singin' and the sun ain't shinin' / It looks like a beautiful morning

lol it's interesting


Lol all my boys got together tonight and went out... meanwhile im sitting at home like this

So I googled Kirk Cousins stats and well...

Bruh this shit sad. Time to grow it back

this is why I hoop like this now, straight post and jumpers