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I’ll straight up insult your mamma, sleep with your sister, and knock your old man into next week. Let’s be friends. MottsAppleSauce

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Hey #FreeJahar, here's a kid that got his legs blown off by ur fucking terrorist boyfriend:

Yikes !

Sorry i missed ur tweets! Here's the kid he killed: RT Motts u call him a kid killer to add validity to ur witch hunt

U are little bat crazy hottie! Now, u do me: RT

Here's another one of ur heroes as a young man: RT little Jahar (2005)

I miss my cunt girlfriend . :(

Spooky! Almost like my propaganda RT Standing infront of the mural #JoePa

Winner! Winner! Eat it 21C. #Delta

Hey FUCK, RT People tell me I'm supposed to root for the lesser of 2 evils. In this case, #Dorner is it. #LAPD fail.

Fact: RT Bobby Bowden is NOT the winningest coach in history - #JoePa of #PSU is! Facts are facts.

Aw shit! This is just the limo pre-party! #VMA's here we come.

Alright #PennSt, that's 1 down 11 to go. Keep the focus and bring home that 0-12 record. #WeAreSuperShitty

The Sunday view of Beach House West 2:


The Sinclair book of records! Do u guys have the fat twins in there? RT : #JoePa will always be in my record books.

in other news, here's the model we booked for a shoot tomorrow:

To all those who are not watching #MadMen

God knows I love little girls. I also love cookies. Once a year they come together at the mall!

Like #LA, #SanFran has its share of short guys trying desperately to hook up with sitting ladies!

God damn it Los Angeles, I love you!