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(cont) After a couple eps, decided to take a break. Now watching #SquidGirl. It's hilarious!

Was reading this on my lunch yesterday & a coworker walked by & asked if I was reading #Twilight. Rly?

Was reading this book on my lunch yesterday, and a coworker walked by and asked if I was reading #Twlight. Srsly? ^_^

(cont) And also in the U.S.!! #samandcatthissaturday

Wow. 's premiere is trending...IN THE UK. What?!

Sorry for the fanservicey photo...but this book is rly awesome. Goes into a lot more than just drawing.

Oh sweet! I'll have to try to go to this! Thanks for the heads up !

My two coolest pens ever. #doctorwho #sonicscrewdriver

Am happy to report that the voice search on my new phone knows who created #Sailormoon. :)

Got a new phone!! First time I've had an Android device... #SamsungGalaxyNexus

Tom Felton and Evanna Lynch's great tributes to Richard Griffiths. #RichardGriffiths #rip

This family on #LivingAbroad lives in Azabu! My Moonie senses are tingling! #Sailormoon

My Luna shirt from arrived!! I love the original poster this is referencing too! #Sailormoon

I was going to send an affiliate request to for the #Sailorsaturn shrine Black Dove, found this. Awkward. #rip

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Finally got around to my Sugar Senshi Secret Sweetie drawing. All drawn - just need to color!

Hey #HarlemShake is trending on Twitter. Anything to do with your #SamAndCat video or just coincidence?

(cont) And I've got #Sailorpluto guarding my phone. I'm set! #SailorMoon

(cont) Her brainiac friend and fellow soldier #Sailormercury guards my main screen. #SailorMoon

I can "have the strength to carry on" with #SailorMoon guarding my lock screen!

I can "have the strength to carry on" with this fine soldier from guarding my lock screen! #SailorMoon