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Finally assembled my new studio chair, the Pro9000 Lux Excelsior. Full swivel action, multi-thrusters, the works.

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put my Quint sticker on his guitar case! #pipesogold http://www.carybrothers.com/

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Google image is full of treasures. Behold this ninja kick SUPREME.

  • 203 days ago via site
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Be cool like Ocean. Wear your ornaments like this!

  • 217 days ago via site
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Check out incredible Xmas card, so perfect!! Randy Quaid from Christmas Vacation- Sh*tters Full!

  • 222 days ago via site
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Oh hey, I'm in a group show this Sat. night 7-10 at a new gallery in Brooklyn. Getting Otherworldy, come on by!

  • 265 days ago via site
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Detail shot of my print for #thewalkingdead show. Full reveal 2morrow. Send me a pic from show!

  • 283 days ago via site
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Los Angeles, Tonight! #TheWalkingDead show. Be there!

  • 284 days ago via site
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C'mon down to the Npt Art Fest in the park this Sun. after the Cow Harbor Parade. Dar and I will be at table 29 :)

  • 304 days ago via site
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Check out this sweet print I got from Love it, go 2 his website and see more killer artwork.

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Check out my podcast interview w/ Ryan Quintal on Save As http://quintaldesigns.com/saveas/010-save-as-pj-mcquade

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#Heisenberg is a mothatruckin Sith lord! Imagine the meth he'd be able to make. #breakingbad #darthvader #starwars

  • 344 days ago via site
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Check out this H2 Hummer w my #Quint #Jaws head sticker on it, so BOSS. https://www.etsy.com/shop/castlemcquade

  • 348 days ago via site
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Medusa holding a print of UBER talent hehe :) Prints available through

  • 361 days ago via site
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Big show tonight at the come on down!

  • 375 days ago via site
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aka #Michonne has to be a #Jedi in the new Star Wars trilogy. Who's with me?

  • 378 days ago via site
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My band, The Spicy Rizzaks, are playing a show at The Mercury Lounge this July. Here's the poster by E-Rod & JB!

  • 404 days ago via site
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Check me out after a long day of illustratin'.

  • 419 days ago via site
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Got a cool book called The Path of the Jedi as part of #reddit exchange. Love the annotations by Yoda, Dooku etc.

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Detail of upcoming epic #daftpunk #print for the #getlucky

  • 452 days ago via site
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