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The goal is to live by God and find my purpose in life. I know I'm not the best Christian but I'm trying. #UGA16 Heads up though, I can be pretty inappropriate.

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Tell me why he's holding my leg. Lol

Am I really supposed to understand this??

I was drinking coffee out of a metal cup and it got cold.. u can't put metal in the microwave sooo.. heh heh..

"look! Luda was at the game!" / ..he looks NOTHING like ludacris! / "yes he does!" / why because he's black??

Houston's bird chillin on my computer... #swag

WTF, THIS is the question. Like who the hell is Henrietta and how do I know how she died????

All UP on the curb. #damnshame

This dog was so scared and pitiful lol but he let me hold him!

I know I look happy lol, but look at his jail cell. :/ I'm stealing him and taking him back to creswell.

This dog has my heart!

Me and Paco!

I named him Paco. Lol

I'm a sucker for dogs!


So now we need two trucks for our nonexistent fire..? Ok..

Creswell bonding at 4am.. #firedrills

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