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THIS IS NOT ME, Mr. President! Stop calling her Lamarr!!!

These are the ads I have to deal with on YOUR videos. xD

I mean SERIOUSLY . Why does this boy keep popping up. I only watched ONE video!!!

WHY IS THIS IN MY TOP FEED!!!!!! I'm not even following him! AHHH!!!!

OMFG I should have NEVER watched his new video; these are ALL the ads I get!

This may or may not be a screenshot of the video that's about to upload. #YOLO

Just sayin'…….

I probably should eat today. Anyone have one of these for me? I'm starving. (P.S. That's not me)

This is the best picture EVER.

This is why they don't let me out the house. (w/ & taken by )

GREAT #SuperBowl GAME! Here's my next sport to start watching!

After the long power delay & football resumed, Grumpy Cat had this to say: #SuperBowl

Look who found the lights. #SuperBowl #ICouldDoThisAllNight

While watching Beyonce dance at the #Superbowl.

I tried to understand this comment on my interview on how you and I are like Biggie & Tupac…

Yes. Yes you can.

Where is this lineup page? For me it only shows one person!

I'm offended.


This MAY or MAY NOT be a screenshot from today's video. Still want to watch it? #HOT #Sizzling #BabyGotFront