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i wrote this life, this cant be reality

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YES!!! Kill all they asses lol



I remember one time I got in trouble for erasing graffiti off of a desk so I did it again...

She is so bout to chow down on these crawfish! Lol my little

Forget love I'd rather fall in chocolate! But I'd gladly settle for both :)

want one???

At it again!!! Lol

Someone is about to soak in her jacuzzi b4 the club tonight yes I am! Lol

How bored I am ...

Oh u kno me so well lol RT “ RT I'm feelin good! :) (Drinking is known to do that to ppl ya know)”


But why would u freeze this tho?

Omg lmao why is this in the shampoo aisle #icant smh

lol oh it'd be funn if it was lol naw ppl just do it all over in weird or extreme locations. Example

Black people have a knack for turning something negative into a positive. What u call graffiti is now called art.

Who wants to guess how many pics I done took already.

If ur legs look nasty do everyone a favor and do not wear shorts please thank u.

Had to get all the word up magazines with B2K and IMX #childhoodmemories LOOK

Wow look at this tho #childhoodmemories

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