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Distant cousin of Tyrannosaurus rex, freelance science writer, author of My Beloved Brontosaurus and Written in Stone, @ngphenomena blogger

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Oh Eusthenopteron. What are you doing out on land?

Aw. Someone wants a hug #eurypterid

Hey, , look who it is. Your old pal Nedoceratops

'Oh hai!' says Dunkleosteus

At the Smithsonian, visiting one of my favorite fossil creatures - Opabinia

Photo of the Day #92: Giant Pleistocene bison - Bison latifrons - in the old Utah Museum of Natural History

  • 2015 days ago via site
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Photo of the Day #91: Fitting today's post about a giant fossil spider a smaller orb weaver

  • 2016 days ago via site
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Photo of the Day #90: Ghost plant - Monotropa uniflora - on a hiking trail in Mt. Kisco, NY.

  • 2017 days ago via site
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Teddy is not going to give up the chair easily

  • 2018 days ago via site
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Photo of the Day #89: Our cat Teddy says, "You can't get rid of this chair. It's mine now."

  • 2018 days ago via site
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Photo of the Day #88: An Atlantic ghost crab, photographed at Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge, Delaware

  • 2019 days ago via site
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Photo of the Day #87: An eastern box turtle, photographed at Cape Henlopen State Park, Delaware (May 2009)

  • 2020 days ago via site
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Primer dinosaur. RAWR

Photo of the Day #86: An Amur tiger cub

  • 2021 days ago via site
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Photo of the Day #85: Skeleton of a Komodo dragon on display in the #giantdinos exhibit

  • 2022 days ago via site
  • 150

Photo of the Day #84: Diplodocus skull cast on display at the #giantdinos exhibit

  • 2023 days ago via site
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Huge sauropods started off small: a newly-hatched sauropod at the #giantdinos exhibit

  • 2024 days ago via site
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Photo of the Day #83: Argentinosaurus at the #giantdinos

  • 2024 days ago via site
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Photo of the Day #82: Our cat Charlotte resting in a sunbeam

  • 2025 days ago via site
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Photo of the Day #81: Tai Shan the giant panda at the National Zoo (photographed spring 2007)

  • 2027 days ago via site
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