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Half of freelancing is reminding people that you still exist

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Around mile 2 on the trail.

Starting off on Antelope Island's Frary Peak Trail

This morning, though, I spotted a big snail on the way to a hike. Beautiful shell

Rainy today, but yesterday and I had a nice hike to Little Black Mountain

The sign claims this is a 'Nanotyrannus', but this is a juvenile Tyrannosaurus, says I

Tanycolagreus sneak attack!

The giant millipede Arthropleura in a Carboniferous forest at the Museum of Ancient Life

There! Up in the sky! It's a ! (visiting the Museum of Ancient Life this afternoon)

Out for an afternoon walk in Salt Lake City.

Mmm. Chocosaurs. As seen at Hatch Family Chocolates.

Sinclair dinosaur sunning in Rock Spring, Wyoming

At least the storm gives Teddy some time to nap.

Greetings from Wyoming

Spotted at a truck stop outside Omaha, Nebraska. Clearly, we're in the land of bacon

Photo of the Day #107: Mini, extinct pronghorn Merycodus at the

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Photo of the Day #106: The skeleton of the fossil seal Acrophoca at the

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Photo of the Day #105: Skeleton of a colugo ("flying lemur") at the

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Photo of the Day #104: A pair of Tyrannosaurus squabble over a carcass in a #dinorama

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Photo of the Day #103: Reconstructed skull of Torvosaurus at the Museum of Ancient Life

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