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This Conservative Lady is a strict Constitutionalist. Pro-life, 2nd amendment, Republican. Proudly blocked by Nancy Pelosi's daughter after 1 tweet. @sfpelosi

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Went thru ltrs TPs got from #IRS. Take a look at these questions . #irsscandal

Top 10 U.S. military slogans. Hard to pick a favorite. #SOT

Hey#LowInformationVoters. You thought only RICH were gonna get tax raises? #YouGotFooled #WakeUp

My next door neighbor wants to ban all guns. His house is not armed. I promise NOT to use my guns to protect him.

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Firearms salesman of the year. Think he even beat Walmart on the phones.

Yep, parasitic #unions do kill their host, or Hostess in this case.

Passing out replacement signs in front of #local33thieves union hall

Guarding tomb of Unknown Soldier even during #sandy. Notice those pointy things on the rifles.

Via "The 5 liars" #benghazigate #obama

From #obama & Michelle on #libya.

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Is this the best you guys can do? 1st grade chalkboard stuff. Pathetic. #obama

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From : " energy plan."

tells Obama "U worry abt Big Bird I'll worry abt this one."

Sign in downtown #toledo #ohio put up by my local TP; NOT doing FINE #obama

From Reuters via giving up. LOL.

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Biden's debate prep team, Sesame Street. LOL. H/t

What we will see at the Ryan v. Biden debate. Cream pies and chalkboards. Guess which one has which?

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Gas prices down via Exxon. Bush gets credit for this one.

says:we can put the polling booth there next to the hole in the fence.