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I'm going to work and then I'm going home to NC! I miss my baby and this guy.

Thanks. It seems like it's hard to see the color on my tree.

We're still working.

She rejected the Squire mini Strat and picked the Ibanez Mikro.

So we go by store and she did not want the mini strat, she picked the Ibanez Mikro

I don't know why this display cracks me up. lmao

I need to finish this before noon.

": I'ma just slide of Twitter for a few hours til this whole thing blows over."

Hog Wash????

I have a French Bulldog, they're not really big and they don't look like girl dogs.

I can live with this, not that payment though. lol

I saw it this Summer in Munich

I saw it this Summer in Munich

Da Boss cracks me up.

So I have to buy a new crate to accommodate those big ass ears?


I know his ass is recently divorced, no way I would let my husband go to work like this.

They shouldn't but I found out that he does...

Why are they both eating lollipops...they're not gonna rest until they give me a heart attack with their antics. smh

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