Cristina / 크리스 / クリス


I'm lustrator, animator, comic artist from Spain and I'm Korean student, I'm Soprano in an Asiatic chorus. I love the Fanarts!

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0 DAys! tonight #BigBangisback

IN THE trend!

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My rough sketch of Lady Hee Hee by from Spain

Si!! me aburro y me da por dibujar a HeeChul, modo Lady Hee Hee, no me quedaron tan mal para ser directamente a bolígrafo ^^' quizá alguno lo convierta en ilustración

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Mis uñas actuales! conejitos pintados... como me salieron cada uno diferente... los caricaturicé, el conejo normal, el conejo freak, la coneja presumida y el conejo punk!

sorry for my bad English! ^v^'

My current painted nails! painted bunnies ... each rabbit came out different ... so I caricaturized the rabbits, normal rabbit, rabbit freak, rabbit smug and rabbit punk!

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Assassin Jae!!! LOVE this Photo!!!! but i prefer the video

I trying to draw a drawing with sexy assassin Jae ᄏᄏᄏ

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Happy Valentine's day!!!

오늘은 특별 날 인데 행복 발렌타인 데이 입니다 ♡ 그러나 난.... 또 년 또 년 혼자 있어요.

Black and White Chocolate straberrys for you..! ^v^

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Happy Valentine day!!!

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Deseando ver el Cd en mis manos....graaaaooorghhhh!!

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this is my Tiket of MIYAVI's Show in Spain (Barcelona)!!!

Waa!! espero disfrutar al maximo! aun no lo he visto en escena, será la 1º vez que lo veo >v<

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Now Super Junior is in Japan because #smtowntokyo but When..WHEN #smtowntEurope!!??? when come to Spain or other country!?

Super Junior please... Come to Spain!!! I want any event!!!

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Congratulations! are in Twitter trends

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names of members of "exist†trace" (left to right): omi, miko, jyou, naoto, mari.

awesomeness: girls dressed as visual kei guys...

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"한국 하늘"
저 이런 하늘 되게 좋아하는데~ 하늘이 진짜 멋지고 이쁘게 나왔어요 ♡

*사진 하늘이 도중에 촬영되었는 기차 안에 경주로 갔어요 

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Saturday afternoon with friends

Upon arrival in Barcelona, I went to dinner at a Korean, while we ate we talked a lot.
then we walked to l'illa, there we went to FNAC and I found a Giant Sonic!
Later we found an exhibition of antique cars, as we entered several stores like Claire's, a random food store, Barbie, Disney and we have also seen children playing with building structures with wooden sticks.
Finally, after buying a melindros in Caprabo, we went to Starbucks and we ordered a chocolate and we kept talking.

then I uploaded, the first time, the Trambaix (a trolley) and returned home on the subway and Later by train. a good day!

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RunDevilRund에 제시카 헤어스타일 있으니까 제시카인데 멋 있어!

yo creí que jamás lo conseguiría ^^'

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장근석의 머리 스타일이 좋아!! 좋아...좋아...좋아 좋아!!!!


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마지막  문근영의드라마를 본 매리는 외박중이에요!
장근석은 멋 있어요!!! 우리 김재욱 회장님이 너무 귀엽다 >ᄑ< 

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TTVTT Llorando d felicidad! ultimo capitulo de Marry Me Mary sale la KBS! yo he estado justo ahí esperando como una pava a la furgo de los 2 SJ....
내가 여기 있었어요! KBS있었어요!

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지서했어...... ᄒ....ᄒ

갈색 머리... 안녕히게세요!

마지막 사진이에요

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머리 염색약으로 변화를 원한다

네 머리는 레이디 가가 스타일이 같으니까 은색 종이 조각 있어 , 이상해!

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