It's Jess.


This life's been a crazy awesome skateboard ride so far. Oh and I'm 2ft42in which makes me 1 of the taller minions.╰ɵ──ɵ╯

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Doing a much needed Deaf day…no hearing aids all day. Tired of sound & have interpreters at school anyway


Shhhh! I’m not allowed to post any pics of scenes or location for now BUT I can post lil things like this :)

4.7 supposedly? My cabinets opened & some stuff knocked over. Upset that the minion fell over. #earthquake

Also I’m in a tshirt and sweating my butt off under my amazing SoCal sun

Look! It’s channeling and his mustache! #mustachio

Excuse us, while and me get comfy... #finallyCame #thatsWhatSheSaid

Gonna see this dude again tonight! It’s been a couple of months…

Happy birthday to this dude

Happy birthday to beautiful

I honestly assumed they were just there for decorational purposes nowadays.

hard to see but Green Grove’s police (picture)cars were driving/being hauled thru my neighborhood recently

Happy birthday

Won’t show the gash but just put this bandaid on & it’s already bleeding thru. Still finished my boards tho

#pushinplastic …we’re everywhere #sinceforever


Tiny jet. One seat on each side of aisle.

maybe I just wanted to be legendary…appreciate your patience