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i might appear to be an average talking french bulldog who tweets, rides a motorbike and plays jazz piano, but i've been hiding a dark sekrit.

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surfing dogs: there will always be doubters, but everyone is perfectly safe with a french bulldog in charge.

  • 731 days ago via site
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sacré bleu!

  • 754 days ago via site
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oh ffs! if you're ever gonna get any street cred, you've gotta aim a lot higher than that.

  • 762 days ago via site
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if you're going to watch Bear Grylls shows, you've really got to pay closer attention. easy mistake to make otherwise.

  • 762 days ago via site
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mind you, there's so much truth in this... i'm totally confused now.

  • 762 days ago via site
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yes, that's the polite french way. if on the other hand you were an english bulldog, you'd just let it rip loudly. ~dogshaming.tumblr

  • 762 days ago via site
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dogshaming.tumblr - confession and penance for dogs.

  • 762 days ago via site
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there are a some things that don't come easy to french bulldogs, but give us credit for our willingness to learn.

  • 766 days ago via site
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masters of disguise...

  • 766 days ago via site
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i'm pleased to announce that french bulldogs have negotiated realistic targets to reduce carbon emissions by 2050.

  • 786 days ago via site
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WHY YOU NEED A FRENCH BULLDOG (No.25): we're pleased to see you, but we're much cooler that other dogs when you return home from work.

  • 793 days ago via site
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WHY YOU NEED A FRENCH BULLDOG (No.24): we can do great Peter Lorre impersonations.

  • 794 days ago via site
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WHY YOU NEED A FRENCH BULLDOG (No.23): when you've bitten off more than you can chew, we're always ready to help.

  • 808 days ago via site
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knew i shouldn't have let Edith borrow that book...

  • 814 days ago via site
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another birthday and suddenly you're middle aged. luckily someone special knows how to balance celebration with commiseration.

  • 816 days ago via site
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Walter is starting to feel paranoid... he has a spooky feeling that he's under constant surveillance at home.

  • 828 days ago via site
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women who keep a frenchie as a companion dogue usually have excellent taste... but there are always exceptions.

  • 828 days ago via site
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man, the weather meant we wasted the whole weekend.

  • 834 days ago via site
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one of my cousins is visiting today. Alec was the runt of his litter, but he grew up to be a very smart dogue.

  • 843 days ago via site
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WHY YOU NEED A FRENCH BULLDOG (No.22): we're always pleased to see you! if i was human, you'd see me looking like this a lot.

  • 849 days ago via site
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