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i might appear to be an average talking french bulldog who tweets, rides a motorbike and plays jazz piano, but i've been hiding a dark sekrit.

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via fuckyeahfrenchbulldogs.tumblr

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to avoid that crumpled look, always carefully check your suitcase before zipping shut. [pic via bonjournino.tumblr]

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Your pet French Bulldog expects to accompany you everywhere. [photo via northamericanscum.tumblr]

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To avoid discussing my #valentinesday embarrassment, I could visit the dog park incognito. [photo via 'Daily Frenchie']

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use a quality magazine instead of a newspaper when house training a quality puppy. #mimifacts

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it is rumoured, , that some misguided souls might be using the interwebz for research.

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#HOHOHO [via mumoffour.tumblr]

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errr, this is just somebody joking around, right?

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#mimifacts French Bulldogs are masters of disguise... they have been successfully used by the CIA, KGB & MI5. (photo via franklytherapy.tumblr)

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...and how much longer did you say it was till all this is over?

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#IfIHadSuperpowers one day I might fly away... (pic via fuckyeahfrenchies.tumblr)

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Oh yeah? Wanna make something of it do ya? (via bonjournino.tumblr)

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Christmas decorations? Humbug! (via fuckyeahfrenchies.tumblr)

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Christmas decorations? I hate 'em. (via frenchiesrule.tumblr)

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My friend at bonjournino.tumblr has found some very disturbing news. We Frenchies like to remain exclusive but...

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Hey! that's cruelty to Frenchies. [pic source: frenchiesrule.tumblr]

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BREAKING: Scout from unnamed NRL club spotted outside Joel Monaghan's house...

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I don't believe in interspecies luuurve or anything like that... but I could have given Americain a french kiss yesterday.

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tomorrow's bronte-bondi-bronte walk may be a bit slower than normal due to distractions

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Another exciting day... in my dog-nap dreams.

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