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Assistant PR guy for @FightingIrish. Proud native Bostonian. ''There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.'' - Hamlet

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Proud alumnus and all-around good guy Aaron Taylor preparing for today's broadcast on

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Truly beautiful morning in Colorado Springs. at Air Force at 5 p.m. ET on CBS Sports Net.

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No matter how many times I move, just can't toss this one away. #CultClassic

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Just saw this on a van in my complex parking lot (Orlando still). Thought you'd appreciate.

  • 441 days ago via site
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Glad that the jinx doesn't also apply to inside spreads. They nailed it with Big Papi this week!

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Honored to have been in your footsteps earlier. Enjoying the part-time work here. Good luck in the NLDS!

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Today's matchup made me think of this. Bears at Lions, 2004. Thought you'd appreciate.

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Spotted this morning in DeLand en route to Stetson. Nothing says "country girl" like a pink pickup truck.

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Back in DeLand for Part II of the first game in 57 years. Another career first.

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Still impressed that living 45 minutes from you can see launches so clearly. Powerful rockets.

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Some misdelivered mail sitting out at my complex's mailboxes. Did I miss something? #HookEmHorns?

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Beautiful day for my summer job with . The and are even going to play two.

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Yes, always a good day for hockey in Florida. Here I am before one of the 2011 ECF games in Tampa.

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A bit far to commute for my old summer job with so enjoying Opening Day of a new one with

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Night one of my summer job with in . Quaint old park here in Leesburg.

  • 571 days ago via site
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87 and sunny in Clearwater for . Wondering if my headset cord will stretch to Frenchy's tiki bar...

  • 583 days ago via site
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Day two in Clearwater. Whose baseball title chances are about to get run over?

  • 584 days ago via site
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Good morning Clearwater! Nice to back in the 727 working the final event of the event as we know it.

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As long as the northeast isn't out of you of course. Saw this recently at Logan. Laughed my butt off

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Last day of spring training work for the mouse. Savoring it after a good but busy month of March.

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